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Lion !!! Saves a Calf From the Attack of Hyena

Lion is generally considered to be a ferocious animal, but the video that you will watch will baffle you. In a sunny day, a calf was eating grass with its mates but suddenly a hyena attacks the group of wild cows. All the wild cows start running and so does the calf. But, it could not comply with the speed of other cows. Hence, it lost its mother and becomes isolated. The hyena becomes ready to attack the single calf to eat the meat.


Here is the link to the video of lion and calf:

Suddenly, a lion comes into the scene and chases the calf away to snatch the easy meal. It was very difficult to understand whether the king of jungle eats the calf or protects it. Anybody would think that the king will attack the weak calf after chasing away the hyena. But, something strange happened to the lion. Instead of eating the calf, the lion started to take care of it. You will be able to understand the affection of the lion very easily by watching its emotion towards the calf.
After saving the calf from the grab of the deadly hyena, the Leo takes the calf to a safe place into the bush. The Leo takes the calf into the bush and moves around so that no other animals can attack the poor calf. The lion starts to lick the face and body of the calf. According to the wildlife experts, the lions lick their fellow group members to show their affection. Here, the lion licks the calf to show its affection towards it. But, it is not easy for a calf to believe that the lion will protect it instead of eating. Hence, it becomes worried and starts to attack the king with its small horns. Still, the king remains calm and concentrates on the other predatory animals.
In the next scene, you will find a lioness coming clutch the calf from the lion to eat. But, the lion remains strong to its will of protecting the calf from the lioness. When the lioness starts running towards the calf ferociously, the lion takes the calf out of its reach. The king of the animals engages into a small fight with the lioness. Hence, the lioness becomes calm and gives up the temptation to eat the poor calf. So, the firmness of the king saves the calf from the lioness. It is rare in the wildlife history. The wildlife historians term this incident as a miracle. It is unusual to see carnivore’s animals protecting an easy prey.
A lot of viewers of this video have commented that they are simply amazed to watch this video. Some of them said they are lucky to come across this amazing video. As the human being, we have a lot of things to learn from this video and implement in our own life.

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