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Swedish Pornstar Shocked The Crowd

Amina Axelsson is a well-known Swedish pornstar. When she is not on screen, she spends her time and energy in protecting animals. This is why when she saw a bull harmed, she seeped out and she bounced in the ring so that she can stop such franticness. After doing this, she was removed at once from the field but what she did was considered.


Shocking and exciting of the Swedish Pornstar  –


When the Swedish pornstar jumped into the bullring, Amina Axelsson was risking her life but she had to comfort the dying animal as she was protesting against this bloody sport.  Amina lives in Spain and when she clambered in the ring of Marbella, she unveiled the banner where it was written Stop Bullfighting. Even as she tried to reach to the animal, she was grabbed by the assistant of the matador and was taken out. Amina Axelsson has now worked in the adult entertainment for over four years now.


The incident has been shot and the footage shows the Swedish pornstar climbing on two sets of the barriers in order to get into the ring. She went directly to the injured bull but she was intercepted by the assistants in the game and one took the banner out of her hands while another one dragged her out of the arena. When she spoke to the MailOnline, she said that she was not prepared for what she was going to see. She was at the game with a friend who works as a veterinarian and the two started shaking and crying and they were in the shock.


Amina Axelsson continued that she was not able to stand it until the end of the fight and when a second bull was brought in, she was not able to control herself anymore and entered the ring. She was able to jump into the arena but the bull was already up. The bull (obviously) did not want to die but she was not able to reach to the bull. She was in the shock and this is what gave her too much adrenaline.


Her plan B was to use the sign-up and she was able to get the sign-up but they did not let her keep it up for long. They grabbed her really hard and pulled her out. The police had to be called for and she expects that she may face criminal charges.  She said that she was trying to get the message out and what she actually succeeded in doing was symbolic. It drew the attention of the world to what is happening in Spain. Axelsson wants the acts that put the unsuspecting animals to needless and agonizing death, simply for the entertainment of people, to stop. She has joined PETA in order to urge the people who care to end the bloody act and to condemn bullfights.


Amina Axelsson is a Swedish pornstar, model and she also performs as a striptease dancer. She posed for some time for Playboy. The adult entertainer has been working in this industry for over 15 years.

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