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Cute Puppies Will Entertain You a Lot

In the video, you will find the cute puppies doing activities that will make you laugh. I just could not stop laughing while watching the video. I just got baffled. I think, you will also be compelled to laugh after watching this amazing funny video compilation. So, without any delay let’s have a look at the video.


Watch the video of Cute Puppies:


Video Courtesy to Channel: TheGamingable


In the first video, you will find two dogs given food for eating. So that they do not quarrel with each other regarding the foods, the master provided them foods in two corners of the room. But, the puppy does not want to give up eating with its mother. To eat with the mother, the puppy runs to the other corner with the food. The way the cute puppy was pulling food, I thought that the plate just stuck with its nose or mouth. But it was okay.
In the next recording will just baffle you. Have you ever seen any dog with a lion in the same case? You might say that it is impossible. But, in the recording, you will find a dog playing with a lion. While I watching the video something amazing happened. I saw the dog trying to engage in sexual intercourse thinking the lion as its mate. I was amazed to see that the lion did not complain at all by letting the dog do whatever it wants.


In another video, you will find a dog swimming in the river. While I was watching the clip, I thought that the dog was left by the master or it just fell from the ship or speedboat. But, the way the dog was swimming into the river water was amazing. It was swimming comfortably in against the wave. Thank God!! Finally, the dog was rescued by the people who were recording the video. They helped the dog get into the ship and provided primary treatment so that the dog regains its body temperature. If those people did not stretch their helping hand, the dog would just die. So, we must learn from these people and help hungry and sick animals in our locality.

Can you imagine two cute puppies and a cat playing with each other? It is rare to see any dog playing with a cat because if they are in same master’s house, they seem to be jealous of each other.  In another video captured near to swimming pool, you will find two cute puppies playing. While playing, they come across a black cat. The cat was taking rest. One of the puppies wants to disturb the cat. Suddenly the cat wakes up and pushes one of the puppies into the swimming pool. After that, the other cute puppies and the cat just run away. I just kept laughing after watching this video.


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