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Female Hairstyles’ Trend in US

Is any woman out there who does not want to be stylish in this New Year? With a colorful and stylish hair, all wants to surprise the special one! From the bagging, female hairstyles have been measured as the most renowned fashion. Actually, the US female hairstyles is a step forward in style. As you can’t sustain the style without the comfort, it always becomes the main part while styling hair. Female hairstyles with comfort can influence the others to follow you and enhance your fame.

The huge popularity in female helps the hair cutting art to touch the sky height. All US females have dreamed to be appealing with their own hair style. These female hairstyles might be a unique or identical in some of the extents with the dreamed film stars. Depending on their demand, hair length and hair color, the hair artists have proposed a wide choice in hair style for the US female. The suggestions have been influenced by skin tone, height, and personality trait.

Here, a list lucrative hair styles are presented for you. The special hairstyles for US trendy females who have wished to see her in the center of a lure in the New Year. Like in the center of New Year lure, they want to sustain the trend with the same appeal throughout the year.


Let’s start  the  Female Hairstyles with SQUAT


Squat Hairstyle of Anne Hathaway– Flaxen elf with side brushed vibe


Anne-Hathaway-Hairstyle Anne-Hathaway-Hairstyle Photo credit by THEHAIRSTYLER.COM
This is the most trendy hairstyle for Squat and thick hair in 2015. It is federal from face framing. Anne Hathaway has chosen this style for her straight long hair to make short. The hair style matches perfectly with her bright skin tone and brownish eye. This hairstyle becomes the most outstanding and cozy among the females.