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Explainer Videos on Sales Pages – What Makes Them Better Than Text Sales Page

With the internet becoming a staple part of the people’s lives today, many of them tend to rely solely on this mode of information virtually on all topics they could think of. It is the very reason why most companies capitalize on this medium to reach their target audience.

However, together with the rise of the internet as among the leading sources of information, users are also starting to expect more and better from it.

At this day and age, dissemination of information has gone far from the use of common text content as websites gear up for including explainer videos on their sales page to get the attention of more potential customers.

Below are some of the good reasons why every sales page with videos is more effective compared to text promotions.


Videos Give You Better Control on Sales Process

Most users will not bother reading every single word on a web page loaded with texts. They just read the first few lines before skimming down the rest of the page to search for any useful information. Once they don’t find what they need at first glance, they will never take the time to search for since it would be easier to return to the search results and browse other options.

On the other hand, explainer videos will let you control the process of sales since they motivate viewers to watch the clip until the very end. It gives you the chance to deliver your entire sales pitch which can potentially increase your chances of attracting sales conversions.


Explainer Videos Show Instead of Tell Information

Adding videos to your sales page instead of pure text can help your product become more appealing to more people since you take visual learners into consideration. Most users find it easier to understand concepts such as how products work if you show this to them instead of explaining it through text.


Videos are More Captivating and Engaging

The very first rule of promotion cites the essence of appealing to the senses. What makes videos great is that they appeal to the senses of both sight and sound. It makes it easier to understand things. The text will only appeal to the eyes of a person, entailing additional effort to understand what the words are trying to say. In order words, videos are more attractive, which explains why most people notice them first before they proceed to read texts on web pages.


You Can Share Videos Easily and They are More Accessible, Too

Finally, adding videos to your sales page gives you the chance to reach a wider audience even though they don’t physically visit your page. it is now easy to access and play videos from other devices aside from personal computers. Users on the go can also view these videos using their phones, tablets, and laptops. While text content is equally accessible, it might not be as attractive and would rather be read at a later time.


All in all, explainer videos can work much better compared to text content when it comes to appealing to your target audience. This is what makes them a must-have in any sales page.


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