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The Rising Trends of Tamil Movies: Are they Better than Bollywood Movies?

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If you regularly watch Tamil movies, you might agree with me that the Tamil movie industry is way better than Bollywood movies in some extent. Of course, it’s arguable. In some extent, I might be wrong but some of the things that Tamil movies have, you can’t bring in Bollywood. In terms of quality and innovativeness, Tamil movies are way better than Hindi movies.


If you bring the money terms or star power that Bollywood possess will blow you instantly but yes you are right, money and big stars count in a movie and they are being counted heavily. But if you look for better and in-depth story, you should watch Tamil movies more. Most of their stories rely on story telling. But that doesn’t mean Tamil movies do not have star power at all.


For a generation to go, Rajinikanth is a big name in not only in South India but also the whole India. New generation superstars like Dhanush, Vikram is also a big name in the movie industry.


What we actually see in Tamil movies as an ordinary ordnance? A not so good looking actor showing their acting charisma and they are just nailing it with their natural talent. If you remember back in 2011, a song went viral on YouTube named Kolavery Di. That was sung by Dhanush and was really cool on that way. And suddenly a Tamil song is super hit. Even it has a Nepali and Urdu version as well. Even the mighty AR Rahman worked in several Tamil movies lately. So they do not have boundaries in using star powers.


From my personal observation here’re some of the unique things I’ve found in Tamil cinema.

  • Their screenplay is much better and creative.
  • Their storyline is engaging and enjoyable.
  • Many of the Tamil movies are remade by Bollywood later on.
  • Despite technological legacy, their level of entertainment is equivalent or even better


Movies like Sarfarosh, Munna Bhai M.B.B.S., Lage Raho Munna Bhai, Bunty Aur Babli, Jab We Met, even the mighty 3 idiots. If you want to list them you will find hundreds of movies that Bollywood remade from Tamil movies.


Fan factors are one of the crucial influence in the movie industry. As I said Bollywood has more star power than Tamil, their fans are more likely to watch their favorite star’s movie than a better story. That’s the thing, fan’s logic is like, ‘it’s better watching a movie starring Salman Khan than I middle aged Tamil actor. You can’t even make sense to them. The main problem I found with the fans of Bollywood movies is that they like. So whatever the story is, if Salman Khan or Shahrukh Khan is featured in the movie- it’s over 100 crores and its HOUSEFULL.


What is the Rising Trends of Tamil Movies? Let’s some of the trendy changes that’s been happening in South India:


Budget is getting bigger and story line is more in-depth:
Big budget movies possess more risk in making the movie. It is blessings but in some extent it might even destroy a movie. But yes it’s true that big budget counts. If you want to make your dream true it is possible to make it by spending money. You can translate an imagination real trough computer graphics, and exotic location.


If you have watched the movie “I” directed by Vikrom you will find a different costume and unique storyline and their makeup team was from New Zealand that team even worked with Peter Jackson the director of Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. And that team also directly worked in another blockbuster movie Rise of the Planet of the Apes and the Down of the Planet of Apes. Also Rajanikanth’s movie Kochadailyaah’s motion’s technology of capturing that was used in the animation movie Tin Tin which was first in the entire India and according to critics, it was the world standard.


Big Players are getting in the Tamil Film:
Sony music is working in a full swing in the Tamil industry which they started back in 2010. Eros International is promoting many films in South India lately. Not only that, many A listed actors are now working in Tamil cinema lately and becoming the star in their own right and kinds of stuff. From Deepika Padukone to Neil Mukesh mane of them are now very much interested in working Tamil Industry. Even in 2014, they had invited Arnold Schwarzenegger for their promotional campaign.


Mighty Rajinikanth Himself:
Yes, Rajinikanth himself is a trend. He is an entire generation, the heart of the South Indian movie. This words can be felt by a Tamil movie lovers. From a bus conductor to a legend is a hell of a life to lead. He was not just an actor but a perfectionist in role playing. So, yes he made history. Tamil cinema has begun a valuable niche in movie industry under his care and charisma. Some name him as “Superstar” some says “Thalaivar” which means leader. And there are a lot more devoted fans of Thalaivar Rajinikanth than any of the Bollywood big names.

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