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5 Top Celebrities with Low Height You Probably Didn’t Know

Some broadly known celebrities have a huge following. In fact, they even command respect on social media. But, when it comes to height, they really have a great limitation. “I thought he was something taller than this,” that’s what most followers say after the first encounter with some of these megastars. Statistics puts it clear that the average height of an American male is 5’10”. Now let’s look at some of the short celebrities. For more celebrity news, you can visit this site – Elitecelebsmag.com


Usher – A Celebrity with Low Height




He looks impressive when he shakes his body across the stage, but Usher only measures 5’8″ tall. How could he possibly look tall on the stage? Perhaps it’s due to the spotlights and mirrors around. Some say it is due to their massive wealth. Usher was at one time selected as the hottest celebrity, below 21 years of age – Teen People Magazine – in 1999. May be they did this because they thought he was still growing.


Mark Wahlberg




Initially known as “Marky Mark”, Wahlberg is also one of the shortest celebrities. He is only 5’8” tall. But one thing I like about the ladies is that they don’t care about his height; you’ll find most pretty women flocking around him. Although small, this young man took the first position on hottest Hottie of the 90’s.


Simon Cowell




Cowell is also another reputable celebrity with low height who didn’t grow past 5’8″ inches. He is very sensitive about the whole idea, as he frequently wears shoe lifts. Simon is well known for his brutality, and was thus nicknamed “Mr. Nasty.” He puts on solid color sweaters, or shirts with jeans, and confidently considers it his trademark.


Harry Potter



Harry Potter, also known as Daniel Radcliffe, is a celebrity with low height. This celebrity only measures 5’5″ tall. He is both a man and a boy. He has an amazing ability; Harry can rotate his arms 360 degrees. He is the second richest kid in Britain. Prince Windsor is the first with 14 million pounds, and Harry comes second with 6 million pounds – a huge gap in between. You’ll rarely find articles written about Harry Potter gossiping others. He is a man of few words who doesn’t like talking about his fellow celebrities.


Seth Green



Although his height doesn’t match-up, Seth Green has an enormous sense of humor. He is only 5’4″ inches tall. He began been a star at an early age. Seth Green was already popular at the age of seven. He is also lucky to be one of the few celebrities who managed to graduate high school with honors. Seth gave an appealing response when asked about how he feels since he was a little movie star. He said, “My success in childhood came and faded away very fast. Anyway, I thank God because my life keeps improving.”

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